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First give some bread and a lot of ham and at the end tomato slice.

What is Cansat?

A CanSat is a type of sounding rocket payload used to teach space technology. It is similar to the technology used in miniaturized satellites. No CanSat has ever left the atmosphere, nor orbited the earth.

In CanSat competitions, the payload is required to fit inside the volume of a typical soda can (66mm diameter and 115mm height) and have a mass below 350g. Antennas can be mounted externally, but the diameter can't increase until the CanSat has left the launch vehicle. The CanSats are deployed from small rocket at height which varies depending on the competition. CanSats are equipped with a recovery system, usually a parachute, to limit damage upon recovery and to allow the CanSat to be reused. CanSats are used to teach space technology, because of their inexpensive price and small volume..

High to the sky

We are one of 25 groups of students from Poland, taking part in the European CanSat competition qualifiers. Our goal is not to only build the CanSat but to do it as professionally as possible. We very fancy new technologies and challenges, so you can be sure that whatever thing we'll do, it will very probably make you amazed.

Our Goals

Gathering data and sending commmands simultaneously.

Remote control of the satellite flight from the ground.

Visualising data received from the CanSat.

Reaching high density of electronic components inside.

Homing antenna automatically tracking CanSat movements.

Live video transmission from the CanSat to the ground.

Automatic landing of the satellite at the desired spot.

Actually creating and launching our satellite.

Our Patrones:

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Note that we have 20 minutes latency between Earth and Mars.